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These vinyls are amazing! They are so much easier to weed than any others I have used. No more fighting little pieces with tweezers. The quality is by far better than any others as well. .designs come out crisp and polish bleeding. Super cute too!

Great quality and easy to use

These vinyls leave such crisp lines when using. The variety of sizes and designs that are offered leaves literally something for everyone too.

The vinyl quality is fantastic! They peel easier than most vinyls I’ve used and the designs are all great!

I love that the stencils are not weeded out because I can use the left over vinyls for other designs!

Easiest vinyls to peel ever! Great quality materials that leave clean, crisp lines. Perfectly sized to accommodate nails of varying lengths and widths. A definite must buy!

They peel off better than some other vinyls I have tried. I don’t have to pre-weed them at all.

I love the variety of sizes and designs that are available. There’s something for everyone!

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